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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Here's an interview with the BtB producers and stars, explaining a lot of the reasoning behind the show's creative choices:

Note that Mitch Watson is wearing a Miskatonic t-shirt. As if there were any doubt that he's a Lovecraft fan.

Apparently the reason for going with Katana is that "they didn’t want us to do Robin at the moment." I assume that means Cartoon Network. Maybe that's because Teen Titans Go! features Robin and they don't want to duplicate him.

And they're going to be building up to something with Barbara Gordon, but it's not what everyone's guessing online. I assume everyone's guessing she'll become Batgirl -- so is it possible they'll be skipping that and going straight to Oracle? That could be intriguing, although a teenage Oracle has the potential to be a bit cliched.

And each episode takes up to a year to complete. Wow. If it's that difficult, I'm surprised the networks are willing to do 3D-animated shows.

And Len Wein will be writing for the show, as well as Greg Weisman!

Also, Lady Shiva will be one of the villains. That's got potential. She was kind of a major antagonist/ally for a while, certainly playing a key role in Tim Drake's backstory. As I recall, she's just about the world's greatest martial artist and one of both Batman and Tim/Robin's principal trainers, but she's in a moral gray area and works with villains too.

I'm intrigued by what Ruivivar (I'm finally spelling his name right) has to say about Bruce/Batman dealing with the duality, compartmentalizing his two selves and the toll that takes on him.
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