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Re: Radio Times Claims a Classic Doctor Might Be in 50th Anniversary

CLARA: I don't understand. You say he's not you, but he IS you. He told me he WAS you.

ELEVEN: He WAS me, but he is not me. It was a different time. The Last Great Time War changed me. Time always does. But that time, it was by choice.

[PAN off ELEVEN and CLARA, and FADE to the PANOPTICON OF THE TIME LORDS on Gallifrey, splendiferous in its ancient glory.]

ELEVEN [VOICE OVER]: I had run from my people, my home on Gallifrey. Sometimes they brought me back, made me do their dirty work. But there was a price to be paid for all my little victories. And the time had come for that price to be paid.

[On a dias, the Time Lord HIGH COUNCIL stands, as a man enters the chamber. It is the EIGHTH DOCTOR, dressed as you'd expect, but clothes torn. Disheveled. He's been through a massive, epic battle... And lost.]

EIGHT: I couldn't stop it. War is here. The Daleks--

HIGH COUNCIL MEMBER #1: Doctor, we gave you information. We gave you the knowledge to defeat them.

EIGHT: You gave me NOTHING! Ever since you sent me to destroy the Daleks on Skaro, you wanted me to be your eyes. Your hands. Your voice. [A BEAT]. Your scapegoat. But I've never been what you wanted. And now there is war. The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Eternals, and ten billion other species will be at war throughout time and space.

HIGH COUNCIL MEMBER #2: Then they will fight. And we will observe.

HIGH COUNCIL MEMBER #3: And manipulate. And survive.


[The whole council is taken aback by the Doctor's words]

EIGHT: This time is different. This war will know no bounds. They will fight to your doorstep, and they will destroy Gallifrey. All this time, fighting to stop it, I've already lost... [A pause, as the Doctor considers friends and companions he's just lost] The ripples have already become waves. And the waves will wash upon your shores until nothing remains.

HIGH COUNCIL MEMBER #1: Then Doctor, you will protect us. We are not warriors.

EIGHT: And neither am I. None of us are.

[ANOTHER PAUSE as the Doctor reluctantly admits his own conclusion]



Wrote this over a coffee break. I believe in the Moff. And I wanna see McGann.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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