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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

Unfortunately the visual information presented in the films isn't always internally consistent; there seems to be an issue with scaling. Take the scene in STXI where Kirk rolls up to the Enterprise construction site on his bike. You can see people working on the outside of the ship, and either the ship is too small or the people are way too big. ( Giant cyborgs, perhaps? ) Or the emergence from warp at Vulcan. The first time we see what's left of the Mayflower's dish, it's way bigger than the next time we see it a few seconds later.

But in situations like these we should probably go with whatever is supported by the majority of the evidence. It's like the question of when the film Renaissance takes place. It's supposedly set in 2054 but only one scene indicates that. All the rest of the evidence in the film points to 2042.
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