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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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That was funny considering both the transporter room and sickbay are on lower decks.
I'm not so sure about the transporter room. In Star Trek 2009, could Chekov made it there while Kirk and Sulu fell if he had to stop and take a turbolift?
Look at SFS ... in the span of what we're supposed to believe is 60 seconds, Kirk & co leave the bridge, take an elevator ride, run down a hallway, get to the transporter, beam out ... and then there is still time for klingons to beam aboard, go back up to the bridge, and look around, before the thing blows.

Makes the last 16 seconds till detonation in DOOMSDAY MACHINE (which is more like 2min) seem HIGH NOON-accurate with respect to screen time.
Not that it really matters in a curved/chaotic environment, but if Chekov is reasonably athletic he can probably do a 40-yard dash in, what, 6 seconds? Call it ten seconds with all the people he has to avoid and all the turns.

The saucer section is just shy of 300 meters long. If the transporter room is near the plaza -- and it appears to be, IMO -- then he'd have to run 40 to 60 meters and probably slide down a ladder or two to get there in time. Call it 20 to 30 seconds and a quick slide down a ladder to get where he's going.

I'm not sure how high up Kirk and Sulu were when they started falling, but since we don't know much about Vulcan's atmosphere or its gravity it's just about impossible to calculate how far they would have fallen in those 20 to 30 seconds or how fast they would have been going. The most we can say is 20 to 30 seconds isn't really that long, especially since he wound up beaming them onto the ship JUST before they hit the ground.

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The primary shuttle design we see used is 12 meters long, the shuttle bay carries two rows of them either side, two stacked, mirrored across the bay.
FWIW, the videogame lets you get a pretty good look at the shuttlebay too. Assuming that depiction is accurate (it very much tries to be) that would suggest a total of 16 landing pads: eight on each side, four on each level. Apart from the passthrough in the middle between the shuttle bays, there is a considerable amount of room behind the shuttles for equipment and storage before you get to the bulkhead, and behind that -- at least it appears -- is another corridor running parallel to the bay.

That would imply an internal shuttle bay at least 100 meters wide.
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