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Re: USS Antares - anyone have better pics?

Hi. Dukhat - thanks for the quick response!

I have the other pics you mentioned about the reverse-rollbar Miranda and the 4-engine Miranda (you're talking about the one without markings, painted in a pewter color, that appeared in an auction a while back, yes?)

Would the person (not Buckner) who had those Antares, Excel & Trieste pics also have something that shows the AWAX assembly in the back?

And on the other Trek forum - I'm assuming you're speaking about the "Flare Sci-Fi Forum" - I've tried to register there and registry looks as if it's been closed down since December 2010 due to some spam bot issue? I can't seem to find anywhere to sign up, and the most recent message on the subject dates back to November 2011. I would have posted over there first, considering that seems to have been a locale for major discussion on the subject.
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