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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Probably wrong? We are talking about Montgomery Scott one of the most efficient engineers in Starfleet...
With a known tendency to exaggerate to make a point. Scotty is a brilliant engineer, but he's always been a little bit of a drama queen.

The hatches are the same size as the refit Enterprise's are as well.
No they're not. Apart from the fact that they have a different design from the TMP refit (the hatches fit inside of a larger docking mechanism similar to real-world docking ports) they're also noticeably larger on the new vessel.

I'm going to link this because it's pertinent...
It's from Bernd Schnieder's website, which ceased to be pertinent at least five years ago.

P.S. I came here to have fun and do some debating
Really? Because I'm beginning to think you came here to troll.
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