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Re: Cytherian or Not

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^It looked like a big red wireframe jellybean in Wrath of Khan

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No. I'm talking about in-universe years. It's over 70 years passed between episodes. Technology obviously changed.
I think you're confusing the TOS episode "Balance of Terror" with the TNG episode "The Neutral Zone". It's 8 years in-universe between that episode and the movie Star Trek: First Contact.
Yes, you're right. However, what I said still holds. 8 years is a long time for technology to change. Microsoft Windows doesn't even stay the same after 2 or 3 years.
That is true. I could imagine a communications breakthough, or perhaps an expansion of a Federation-wide instant communications network to encompass the Romulan border between TNG S1 and FC. But the superquick warp jump to Earth (I find it hard to believe that days passed in that scene break) is a little harder to reconcile, unless the Enterprise-E is significantly faster than the -D.
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