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Re: Endgame was awesome!

This isn't my first rodeo.

You should use your own words.

Whoever wrote that is a moron who couldn't cotton onto a simple fact.

You can "conceivably" do anything to an alien species they could do to themselves or could do for themselves.

Stargate explained that well enough when they detailed why Anubis was allowed godlike powers to help him take over the galaxy. It's shit he could do before he was ascended, so it's still magic zappy stuff he's allowed to do after he's descended, even though Daniel was punished for locking horns with the Death God because at the time our third favourite archaeologist was Ascended and not allowed to interfere.

If you don't alter the balance of power, then you're not breaking the Prime Directive.

Lets examine when these aliens started asking for commodities/services off Voyager/Harry/Seven which they couldn't supply for themselves if they hadn't been hobbled by their unforeseen accident...

1. They wanted to go home.

Janeway gave them Harry because it's probable that they could get home without Harry's help, but why be an asshole?

2. Later Captain Kim discovered he was transporting a single super weapon that didn't work properly or often.

He and Seven fixed and upgraded the cloak so that it worked well almost all the time... Something that was beyond the technical abilities of the scientists behind the indigenous creation of this technology.

That's criminal. He should have cut his losses and taken an escape pod and floated away rather than run guns for liars who are manipulating him.

3. Then Captain Kim finds thousands more cloaks in the hold. It's not a humanitarian mission after all.

He was lied to and He should have cut his losses and taken an escape pod and floated away rather than keep eating their shitty lies. Continuing on from that point would have been criminal. Harry continued on because they gave him a comfy chair.

4. Then there's the blockade. Captain Kim's ship full of cloaking-systems/weapons have to secret itself through a blockade gagging to arm/upgrade a planet bound fleet, which they could not do with out Kim's help. He Captain Protoned it, and won out against all adversity... Even though the adversity bared him absolutely no malice and were a backward child race generations behind the Federation, if their technology was comparable to when the Federation (noticed that the Romulans had) first discovered clocking technology.

That's criminal. He should have taken an escape pod and floated away rather than become a mercenary reversing the out come of a war siding with liars who are manipulating him into being their knuckle dragging enforcer.

(I'm kinda repeating myself, but you gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away and know when to run. Kim was too busy Ahabbing it, wearing big boy pants to realise that he was going down a very dark path just like Captain Tracy arming the alien Communists with the modern phasers.)

Kim didn't know enough true facts to pick a side, and really the side he did pick were liars who manipulated him and he was too stupid to do any thing productive with the anger he flt about being lied to and manipulated other than continue to be manipulated... And so what if he decided to change sides and hand the cloaks over to the aliens manning the blockade? What if they were even bigger assholes?

If you lay down with assholes you wake up smelling of farts.
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