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Re: Badass Digest says new writers for Trek 3; studio aiming for the 5

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The Abrams quitting rumor is just based on the fact that he wanted to film in the States, so he wouldn't have to be away from his family. He has said nothing about quitting the movie, and Disney has officially shot the rumor down. I highly doubt that he would turn down this opportunity just avoid spending six months or so in the UK.

I do hope for a 2016 release for Star Trek 3. My reasoning could be wrong, but isn't 2017 the real 50th anniversary? I mean, if the 1st anniversary was one year after the debut, in 1967, then yeah....
September 8, 1966 was when TOS debuted on network TV in the United States ("The Man Trap" was the episode). So, 2016 is the 50th anniversary.

Not sure what to think if new writers are brought in. It did seem some of the most common criticisms of the last two movies by movie critics and posters on this board alike was the weakness of the script compared to the rest of the production (even some who liked the movie tended to point to the script as the weak part).

Frankly, I didn't have that problem with the scripts, but I'd be a fool to say that doesn't mean they can't be made even better. If a new lot can punch the next script up, then more power to them.
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