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I've invested a lot of time in my current world, and I'd rather not just restart the whole thing just to partake in a few new goodies (like horses, or chests in Nether Fortresses, perhaps new biomes / mobs in future updates, etc.).
I've been playing my world since alpha and I see those new things as an opportunity for adventure. I had to travel 5km out to find horses recently and then had to drag two of them back home through a huge taiga forest. Thankfully, on the way I discovered a ravine with a dungeon embedded in the wall, and that had two name tags and some horse armour in it. I also had to head out into unexplored areas of the nether to get quartz. I find such expeditions to be a fun break from the usual Minecraft routine.

What I don't like is that they insist on objects like saddles and horse armour only appearing in dungeons. Those are functional items and should be craftable, dungeon loot should be used for special objects like normally unobtainable enchants. I thought they were moving in the right direction when they made Thorns III only obtainable from dungeon chests, but then they pulled this crap again with the horse stuff.
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