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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I did get Judgment Rites to work, but it was very complicated. Well, very complicated for someone like me, who's not a techie. What I did was install the game (say that the path is "C:\trek2". Now, create a folder in "Trek2" and name it "intrplay" (make sure you spell it like that). Then, in "intrplay", create another folder called "trek2". Now, copy the entire contents of the original "trek2" folder into the second "trek2" folder you just created.
After that, what I did was I setup the sound settings in the original folder, but played the game out of the new folder I created.
I hope you can understand that...I'm not even sure I can anymore. It was a while ago that I did this, and the thing with JR is that different computers seem to have different problems with the game, so I don't know if your comp's problem will be the same as mine. But I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions (you probably will; there's a pretty good chance I've forgotten something about the process).
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