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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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^The helm/nav stations are 9 feet from the window on the set, and would be irrespective of the overall size of the Enterprise. You completely failed to realize that the size of the window (40ft x 7ft) in the hull indicates a ship of 2380ft.

So the bridge and it's window, like engineering, the warp core, the atrium, communications, the weapons bay, the shuttles and the shuttlebay all require an Enterprise of at least 725m/2380ft.

So in your opinion every room is huge and exactly the same size, gotcha. I love the badly photoshopped image too.
You mean the "badly photoshopped image" that proves everything you've been claiming to be wrong? Look back at your own attempt to fit the bridge set into the dome and see how much wider the window is compared to the pics from the movie that we (including you yourself) have been posting.

Now, care to tell me how the engineering section seen here...'s into the >30 meter wide secondary hull of a 366m Enterprise? Because I keep asking, and you've apparently got nothing at all.
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