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Re: What novel can you re-read all the time?

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If I could have seen the reading list of Trek books I have today when I started reading them 10 years ago, it would have been around 230 books and ebooks that I would eventually want to read, and thats not counting comics. After a decade I have read about 170. At the pace I'm going currently, with reading other things and having less time to read right now, it should take me 8 years to finish reading every Trek book I currently want to read. And thats not counting the books that will be released between now and then.

So basically I don't read fast enough to ever go back and read something a second time. There are books I want to read again but who know if I'll ever get that chance.

Wow putting numbers to all that makes me really want to quicken my reading pace.
Much better to have way too many books to read than to run out of books you want to read, yes?
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