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Re: 50th Anniversary Trailer Description

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The BBC really sucks at PR. Way to go, let's piss off a bunch of fans! Brilliant!

Mr Awe

Suck's for the U.K because it was in America that the trailer was shown

Sucks for both sides because it's not being released at all
So BBC licence payers canít see content that they paid for.
That comment looks like something one would find in the editorial section of that esteemed Newspaper, the Daily Mail.

Anyway, doesn't BBC America or Worldwide pay for the jolly each year to Comic Con, ergo, said trailer was funded by BBC America or Worldwide and not BBC Proper out of Broadcasting House.

Meaning that no license fee payers money was actually used in sending the cast and crew to San Diego, putting them up in a plush hotel, nor was the money used to edit the trailer and broadcast it at the largest geek event in the world.

Of course, LF money was used to film the original product, but that's just by the by.
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