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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Quadrant, where a lot of Star Trek is set.
B is for bones. All Dr McCoy said he had left after his divorce.
C is for Cardassia, where Dukat and Damar are from.
D is for Denobulans, one of the earliest alien species with which humans established regular contact after the invention of warp drive.
E is for Elevator. What some dunces call the turbolift. Dr McCoy I'm looking at you.
F is for Federation Funny Farm. Where McCoy would've ended up if Kirk hadn't broken him out of detention.
G is for the Gorlan Uprising, a major revolt against Terran Imperial rule in the Mirror Universe that was brutally crushed by that side's Captain James T. Kirk.
H is for Halkan peace monkeys.
I is for the Ilari.
J is for Jean-Luc Picard.
K is for Klingon rhinoplasty.
L is for Leslie, a junior officer who served aboard the Enterprise 1701 during Captain Kirk's most historic five-year mission of deep space exploration.
M is for Mugato. Often mispronounced Mugatu thanks to actors De Kelley and Bill Shatner arsing up the pronunciation.
N is for Narendra III, site of the heroic sacrifice and destruction of the Enterprise-C in the year 2344, an incident that helped draw the Federation and the Klingons closer together.
O is for Organians. Non corporeal peace monkeys.
P is for Praxis, a Klingon moon reduced to a shattered, orbiting hulk in both the Prime and Abrams timelines.
Q is for Q. Non corporeal dick.
R is for the Romulan Commander played by Mark Lenard, who commanded the cloaked ship that penetrated into Federation space and destroyed several border outposts in 2266, ending over a century of Romulan isolation.
S is for Space. The Final Frontier.
T is for T'Pol's bum. "To boldly go where no man (human) has gone before."
U is for Ullian telepathic skills.
V is for Vidiian beauty products. They're shit.
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