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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

I thought episode 5 was probably the strongest of the bunch. There's still a fair number of bad scenes.

I mean c'mon. The Norrie biological father subplot , make it stop!

The visiting day stuff just drew attention to the fact that there is no reason that the military shouldn't have been writing back and forth with say at least the Chester's Mill PD to get some intel.

Speaking of which the new police chief is taking over as the most completely useless character on the show. She could not decipher military time, and was even the one to ask about it?

Hey Barbie put up this police tape and tell everyone to stay behind it while I do the exact opposite. Thank god superhunk firefighter husband has the non-exploding edition of a Windows tablet.

So long as I'm complaining, I was always under the impression that the MOAB was well... A bomb. You know, more Fatman and Little Boy than ICBM. Dropped out of a big bomber. Not a missile as they kept referring and depicting it. Am I off base here?
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