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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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But it would have been nice to see a couple minutes of Superman helping to rebuild the city. A short montage of him pulling survivors from the rubble, reuniting families, and cleaning the damage or lending a hand to reconstruction would have gone a long way to showing us the Superman we know--the one who spends most of his time helping people rather than just fighting crime.
I was actually glad NOT to see that. Before the last scene, I was assuming I was going to see a retread of the end of Superman II (where Superman symbolically started rebuilding the White House with the flag). I was thinking it would take me out of the movie as much as Spock screaming "KHAAAAN!" took me out of Into Darkness. I was relieved when it didn't happen.

The one thing I do wish they'd done differently was have Superman try to rescue a few more civilians in the midst of the battle. But I forgive that because his decision to end Zod when he did was ALL about saving that one family (not to mention the entire human race).
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