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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I'm not sure if I'm surprised at the complaints Trekcore had for the upcoming special features. It almost seems like on this season the features are kind of an afterthought. Yeah I know the biggest reason is to see TNG remastered, but I've been loving the new features for each set and even I had to look up what exactly these features were. It's disappointing there isn't anything on Wheaton leaving but hopefully that might come in Season 5, since he was on two episodes. Also, I'm not sure if I'm looking foward to a talk with the Arts department. Yeah they do a great job, but how many times do we have to hear a monotone Dan Curry talk about matte paintings. I would have rather loved an indepth conversation regarding the music of the series, or maybe talk to some of the guys from ILM and talk about the shift from Models to CGI over the years.

Also, maybe a good feature might be "Remastering 101". Yeah they kind of did this for Season 1, but everyone is talking about various remastering techniques and for someone who doesn't know what "Grains" are other than crumbs of wheat, something like this could be interesting. I do know it might have been a missed opportunity to not have a representative from Modern Video or HTV talk about trying to duplicate CBS-D.

I guess now that TNG is running on all cylinders, and the "Honeymoon" period is wearing off, what more can they do with special features to keep them at top quality? I know for Season 4, no one is talking about these features and like I said, I even had to go look to see what they are. I still want to be excited for the extra material, but speaking to the Arts department for the 100th time isn't all that exciting.
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