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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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Picard's choice of words is relevant here: he agrees to that request, and he tells Kolrami the same thing in the conference. Starfleet, therefore, gave him a choice.
According to him.
I see no reason to question his truthfulness at this time.

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This is dialog from The Immunity Syndrome.

Kirk: "Kirk here. Go ahead."
Starfleet: "You will divert immediately to sector three nine J."
Kirk: " Sir, the Enterprise just completed an exhausting mission. We're on our way in for R and R. There must be another starship in that sector."
Starfleet: "Negative. This is a rescue priority. We've lost all contact with solar system Gamma Seven-A, which the Intrepid was investigating. And we've just lost contact with the Intrepid. Report progress."
Kirk: "Order acknowledged. Kirk out. Mister Kyle, you heard the order. Set course for Gamma Seven-A, warp five. "

Starfleet Command requested...
I do not see any form of request in the above dialog. In fact, Kirk replies "Order acknowledged." This was an order, not a request.

Kirk initially presents reasons why he thought the ship shouldn't be given the mission...
Which, had they given him a choice, would have been his reasons to decline. But they didn't.

When Captain Kirk was requested to engage in war games in The Ultimate Computer...
Nope. Kirk tells Bob Wesley "I received orders to proceed here. No explanation given."

Necheyev: "I understand your moral objections, Captain. If you wish, I can find someone else to command the Enterprise for this mission."
Picard: "That will not be necessary, Admiral."
The sentence immediately before that is: "Then your orders will be to remove them by whatever means are necessary."

That's "orders" not "request."

Starfleet's request was that the Enterprise engage in the war game ...
And Picard declined until he had a good reason to accept. A request is not an order.
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