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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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PAK has never really gone deep in any lines have they? Usually just 1 or 2 big characters. It's most likely that Kirk and Spock are it.
That'd still be more than any of the other toy companies gave us for the new film except for Kre-O. I'm still disappointed that the early rumors and stories of a 3.75" Hasbro line for Into Darkness didn't come to fruition, but in retrospect it's probably going to end up being a good thing - at least retail-wise.

We don't need to see Sulu, Scotty and Khan figures collecting dust on markdown shelves for the next few years because the company would have overshipped them, couldn't get the case ratios just right or didn't sculpt exciting-enough figures that would actually be interesting enough to sell.
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