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Re: How Long Until BBC America Co-Production Happens?

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The split season thing was Moffat's call. It wouldn't matter if the show were a co-production or not, as long as Moffat's calling the shots the split seasons are staying.
If BBC America were putting up half (or even a significant amount) of the money, things like that may not be his call to make anymore.

That is one of the major benefits I see of a co-production. BBC has a lot more flexibility in when and how they air a show, without much regard for promotion or what they're scheduling against. BBCA has to actually compete, advertise, etc. The best option I see for BBCA would be to air it with a similar schedule to The Walking Dead: A half dozen episodes, a couple weeks off, the Christmas Special, a couple more weeks off, and then the rest of the episodes.
OK, I mistook what you said, in relation to the memo recently being mentioned (And....I put the Anniversary Special in there too )

Yea, yours is the right way, however, Walking Dead is more than just a couple weeks off, it's a couple months, or damned close to it, but yea, take December off from the Regular 13 and air the Xmas Special and start the regular episodes back up after new Year's Day and you're set
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