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Re: USB Flash Drive HELP!

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What apps?
I couldn't recommend any by name, as I am primarily a Mac user. (I have a fair amount of experience with Windows, but haven't spent much time troubleshooting with it.) Try any app site, such as CNet's and search for "data recovery", "flash/SD/memory card recovery", etc. Be sure to read the software descriptions carefully, as some flash recovery apps are designed specifically for camera/photo cards. Also, some hard-disk recovery apps might include flash volumes. If a given app does not have a trial version, how do you know if it will work? You don't. The data may be unrecoverable. But how much should you pay for an app depends on how desperately you want to try to rescue the "lost" data. (If you have a backup somewhere, then whether or not you ever get this particular thumb drive working again is not that critical.)

As MadMan suggested, be sure to try another computer—that includes other platforms (Mac, Linux), if any are available. Your mom's computer may have a fouled "journal" for that particular flash drive. The reason for trying a computer of another platform is because it may have a different mounting procedure. (Most flash volumes are formatted for FAT32, which can be read by any computer.)

Good luck.
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