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Re: shared universe, crossovers and easter eggs

So the Prophets not only sent Benny visions of the future, but somehow manipulated Roy Ritterhouse into drawing a sketch that happened to look like DS9? And made the street preacher talk about the word of the Prophets? Not to mention how many people around Benny had names that paralleled people from Sisko's life -- Cassie/Kasidy, Jimmy/Jake, Willie/Worf, Julius/Julian, Kay/Kira, Darlene/Dax? And the O'Brien double writes about robots and the Odo and Quark doubles are constantly bickering? Did the Prophets somehow arrange all of that?

It's just too Rube Goldbergian to try to interpret it as something that really happened in the past. The whole thing is clearly meant to be symbolic, a fiction blending elements of Sisko's life with, perhaps, a part of Earth history that he's studied and remembered.
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