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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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They had already added that layer in by the end of Season 1; between Flynn's "I'm a Patriot" and the obvious implication that it was the folks in Guantanamo Bay who ordered him to nuke Philly and Atlanta so they could take over.
How are the Patriots (supposedly US president in exile) going to invade the former United States if there's no power?

Sailing ships, horses and 19th century-style cavalry?
They showed them at a port filled with old fashioned sailing ships in the finale. As long as they are on equal footing I don't see where it would be that hard for them to invade. It's only aproximately 228ish miles from Havan to Miami, so I don't see it being unreasonable when they appeared to be using the same types of ships people sailed around the world hundreds of years ago.
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