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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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I dunno, maybe I'm not so dumb. Even after changing the aspect ratio output (repeatedly), the picture is still in the center of the screen. Actually, in order for the Hi Def 4:3 picture to fill the screen, it would have to zoom, (which would cut off the sides of a widescreen movie, focusing on the center) and my TV doesn't do that.

Standard Def DVDs in 4:3 fill the screen when played on the BD player - always have. 4:3 fills and 16:9 is letterboxed. However Blu-Ray discs letterbox everything on the CRT set, so Blu-Ray Trek is letter and piller boxed. I hope I'm explaining myself adequately, I'm bad at this...
The black bars on the TOS BD's are coded into the 1920x1080 pixel area, so this might be causing the problem. The actual viewing area is 1440x1080. To be honest, I haven't had a 4:3 set for many years - so I haven't had to overcome this issue.
Yeah I must admit that you might be stuck with it that way. I haven't had to worry about 4:3 TV in quite some time. Since HD is inherently a 16:9 format, they pillarboxed the 16:9 frame. So you might end up with the "postage stamp effect" on a 4:3 TV (i.e. a tiny 4:3 image inside a 16:9 image which being shrunk down to fit in a 4:3 screen), unless you can find some zoom mode in your TV set (not the player) that will zoom a 16:9 image to 4:3, and yes you'd have to toggle the zoom mode on or off depending on the content you'd be watching.
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