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Re: How Long Until BBC America Co-Production Happens?

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This would be essentially one solid run, but with a month or so off for the winter holidays when viewership for weekly shows normally drops (which is why most shows go into reruns during this period). With only a couple weeks between any single new episode (because you have the Christmas Special in between) there is no need for a big campaign for the second half. I'm not sure if sweeps are still relevant, but it does also give them a presence during two sweeps periods this way.
If you start in Late September - early October, that's too far to make it to late February, without massive communication about when it's on. It would require 6 or 7 episodes, then a couple/few weeks break before Anniversary Special, then a month for the Christmas Special, and then another couple weeks until the final run. That's an awful lot of off and on for the average viewer to have to keep up with
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