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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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Perhaps after the painful experinces she had with the three protptypes, Soong built B-4 without her knowledge (after all, he certainly wasn't on Omicron Theta in "Datalore"), then with B-4 as a working/sentient and stable proof-of-concept, he came back and created Lore.
Christopher wrote: View Post
^That feels labored. The only advantage of that is that it justifies the "4" as a literal number, but as I've said, the movie clearly presents "B-4" as a pun, so I see no advantage in taking it literally.
Then I'm sure it will dismay you to learn that the scenario posited by King Daniel is, in fact, how I depicted the sequence of events (and their motivations) in The Persistence of Memory. So, regardless of whether you would have done it that way, in terms of Treklit continuity, you are now stuck with it.
Well personally I'm glad you did. It helped to redeem what I feel is one of the stupidest ideas and characters in the history of Trek. Frankly for me pretty much everything that came from Nem was a turd falling into the Trek punchbowl with the noteable exception of bringing Worf back to Starfleet and getting Riker married to Troi and in command of his own ship.

Overall I despise the movie for a lot of reasons and have frankly been amazed at how much decent material the TLit writers have been able to get out of that shit sandwich.

Data's death was one of the most egregious outcomes and one of the most stupid and pointless deaths ever, so seeing it undone has thrilled me no end.
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