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Re: First Contact bridge concept art...

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I haven't seen the extras you mention, but the full design history for FC is very well documented in the book John Eaves co-authored, it is the STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION SKETCHBOOK for the movies TNG and FC, there are several pages on the bridge design as I recall (every copy I get falls apart after a day, so I don't even have pages of it anymore, but it is a great reference.)

I just checked and my original rave about it from 15 years ago is still right there on Amazon's page, I think it is the only time I ever posted anything there.
Sounds like an awesome book to have, I'll try and find it.
It is an awesome resource, but he's not kidding about the flimsiness of it. The spine comes apart pretty quickly and the pages start falling out. If you get it, treat it like some ancient manuscript out of the Vatican Library and only handle it with tweezers and latex gloves in a room without any UV light coming in.
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