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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I had a bit of luck this afternoon. I own a few of the Clayburn Moore sculpted comic book heroines like WitchBlade, Fathom, Lady Death and Purgatory, but I was never lucky enough to find my first "crush", Vampirella, imagined by the venerable Forrest J. Ackerman. The figure (and variants) were released around 2000, but my local comic shop never got the durn things.

Anyway, a discussion about a proposed Hammer Films adaption of the property (that never got beyond selecting an actress to play the role, Barbara Leigh) reminded me of that omission from my collection. So on a lark I ran a Google search just to pull up some photos of the long out of production figure. I noticed an eBay listing. Oy, how much was the "scalper" asking? I went to the page. With shipping and everything, about 28 bucks. Shoot! I'll pay nearly that much for the forthcoming "Ace" figure from Doctor Who. And the price was a "buy it now" number, not an ever rising bid.

Did I decline? H3ll no! The seller has already contacted me (and he has a 99% rating) and stated he'll ship it tomorrow.

In case you're curious, here's one of the better snapshots I've found on the 'net.

Not really articulated except for the shoulders and (possibly) the neck, but then I wouldn't really want a whole bunch of rivet joints to mar her ample curves.

Ah, Vampi'. Your Warren Magazine format comic helped get me through the mid 70s when I was not old enough to purchase girlie mags.


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