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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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It's a 50-foot dome looking directly out into space. And there's an identical one 16+decks below. What you're describing makes no sense whatsoever. Fail!
Can you read? I specifically said those windows are directly tied to that lobby shaft
Explaining the 50-foot dome on top how?
and as for the "old movie" Enterprise having sickbay and engineering right around the corner. That's total bullshit engineering is down in the secondary hull right where the warpcore meets the transfer conduit.
Once AGAIN, you are confusing the real life sets with the pretend spaceship.
The fact that you just said that has now put some doubt into whether you've actually seen any of the TOS movies. The 1st pilot Enterprise is exactly the same size as the production version, the only difference is they changed the bridge module and opaque bussard collectors to light up bussard collectors.
And added a second row of windows to the saucer rim, and doubled the crew - all to make the ship seem bigger.
Btw the upscaling was meant for the shuttlebay scene only, then the ship magically shrinks back to 366 meters.
Please explain to me how the shuttlebay, engineering, the warp core, communications, and the bridge with lobby behind fit into a 366m Enterprise, with a 30m wide secondary hull. So far you've done nothing of he sort. Offered no explanations, nothing.
Btw I just screen grabbed this as reference, that's not the dish of a 725m ship. Granted it is about 50-100 feet away from him but still if the ship were that huge this dish would be at least three times the size.

A perspective lesson from you... Go back and look at that bridge window pic, and the video of the big dome over the lobby.

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