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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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This Enterprise's appearance is based on the refit therefore the glowing dome is a sensor.
It's not 1979 anymore.
If you want to ignore the fact that the bridge itself takes up a significant chunk of the model behind that big window then that's your choice.

Oh look, it's a room at the front of the deck, with plenty of room behind for the domed lobby and corridors. Also getting an odd sense of deja vu.
Killerprise wrote: View Post
I'm very sure about it, if the sickbay and transporter room were on the same level as the bridge they too would be sticking out of the hull. We're talking about a Constitution class starship here, the bridge sits higher than everything else yet with a trick of the camera they made it seem like the Bridge Transporter Room and Sickbay are all on the same level which is physically impossible. This isn't the original Enterprise though, this is a mess of ship where locations don't add up or anything.
ALL the sets on ALL of Star Trek's ships are on the same level.

OMG physically impossible TOS is ruined!
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