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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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No, the rule of thumb is that he's presumed to be effectively dead for the purposes of that particular story, but can easily turn up alive in a later episode or sequel. Many archvillains make a habit of turning up alive after seemingly unambiguous deaths, such as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the Joker, and MacGyver's archnemesis Murdoc.
That's a longer way of saying exactly what I said: he's dead. Yeah, he can be brought back at some point if a writer decides to bring him back (a writer can just as easily bring Zod from MoS back through some explanation about the effects of the yellow sun healing even a broken neck over time... or cloning... or some other contrivance), but for the purposes of the story we're watching, the villain is dead now.

And the scene that followed was clearly a time-jump to some point in the future, probably days or weeks later.
Given the Hiroshima-scale level of destruction in Metropolis, it would've realistically been more like years later. Neither the city nor its inhabitants could return to anything resembling normality in mere weeks.
Sure, but not too many years, otherwise it'll be hard for the sequel to deal with the aftermath.

For all you know, his actions will still be haunting him in 2015's Superman/Batman film. It may haunt him, and it may worry Batman, and that may influence the way they interact.
They'd better, and Goyer has suggested that the sequel will deal with the aftermath. But that doesn't make MoS's failure to address the aftermath any less of a flaw where that film itself is concerned.
I didn't see it as a flaw or a failure at all. I didn't need to see people coping with the aftermath, because we already saw that represented by Perry White and co. struggling to survive and help each other. I didn't need to see first responders and newscasts and reconstruction, or whatever else dealing with the aftermath would entail. We already know what all that looks like. 9-11 wasn't that long ago.
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