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In-person tests, while imperfect, can at least be performed in a consistent way so you'll get reliable data (to the extent of what an IQ test measures.)

Online tests are dubious as hell and not worth anything.
Yeah, I've done an online test a few times just for giggles. The result is usually something around 165 or so...then they try to sell me something. I always assume they give you a high number just to stroke your ego so you'll be more likely to buy the crap they're selling. I once found one or two sites with very different tests that seemed somehow more legitimate to me and that weren't selling anything. Those ones scored me in the 130-140 range, which, based on my experience in school and interactions with others, seems more reasonable to me. Probably still a bit high, but I'm more inclined to believe those numbers than the 160+ of the others.
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