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Re: Best Audio Book?

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They're decent. In the first season, the one by Terrance Dicks is good until it gets to the plot (but that takes half the story!), the one by Barry Letts is not good, the ones by David Bishop and Peter Anghelides are great, the Scooby Doo one is all right. The second season is a little more cohesive, as it's all by one writer, and the last two especially are fantastic. Lis Sladen is of course delightful, and they come up with some decent "companions" for her. Would've been fun to see Nat in an SJA story.
Great. Definitely sounds like they're worth spending the money on, then. I'll get the range as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I still have K-9 & Company and Downtime to watch.
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