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Re: How Long Until BBC America Co-Production Happens?

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Maybe once that happens we'll be able to have 12 episodes and a Christmas special in the same calendar year again? Apparently the BBC alone can't do that anymore. : (
The split season thing was Moffat's call. It wouldn't matter if the show were a co-production or not, as long as Moffat's calling the shots the split seasons are staying.
If BBC America were putting up half (or even a significant amount) of the money, things like that may not be his call to make anymore.

That is one of the major benefits I see of a co-production. BBC has a lot more flexibility in when and how they air a show, without much regard for promotion or what they're scheduling against. BBCA has to actually compete, advertise, etc. The best option I see for BBCA would be to air it with a similar schedule to The Walking Dead: A half dozen episodes, a couple weeks off, the Christmas Special, a couple more weeks off, and then the rest of the episodes.
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