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Re: Cause and Effect - why didn't they...

Probably not. And perhaps what saved the ship was not the opening of the shuttlebay, but the avoidance of tractor beam use?

That is, perhaps connecting the two ships with a tractor beam was what placed the E-D on the path for collision in the first place, due to unpredictable circumstances in the Typhon Expanse that affected the courses of the two ships and defied the computations of our heroes. Leaving the beam off meant that when some strange eddy in the Typhon Expanse nudged the Bozeman to the side, this helped her clear the E-D rather than collide with her.

In all the early loops, Data seemed to believe that both Riker's idea and his own were mathematically and physically sound; otherwise he would have told Picard that the ideas would not work. It thus shouldn't be possible for Data's tractor beam scheme to fail - unless there were variables at play that he didn't take into account. When Data realized that computation would get them nowhere, he programmed the message telling that Riker is not merely right, but "more right", something nobody could predict without knowing the outcome in advance.

..should have required at least a mention and some more beeps..
Data frequently achieves very complex feats with minimal keypresses... Say, when scanning for lifeforms in ST:GEN, he plays a little tune with the keys - but he apparently only needs to press at most two extra keys before starting in order to achieve the musical effect! If there are shortcut keys for "turn on keypress sounds" and "tune keypresses for a cute melody", there's probably a shortcut key for "rig main shuttlebay into rocket engine", too!

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