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Re: Robert beltran on stage

Yea but Janeway became a bit more human and approchable after the producers let KM do her job and they didnt tell her what not to do anymore...They should have let her loose from the beginning...she was really stiff and "too strong" sometimes. I loved the scenes when she let her guard down when she was talking to Kes. Those shouldnt have been the only times she showed some "weakness"...And personally, I dont think taking advice or considering others advice is a shows rather that you are not too stoic and stubborn and are willing to go out of your way...thats rather a strong trait. And it shouldnt matter if you're a man or a woman or the first female starship captain for that matter. But now I'm drifting back to Chakotay...I think he should have been more angry and persistent and successful in trying to oppose Janeway. You know...heated arguments like in Skopion...
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