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Re: Endgame was awesome!

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Well I have to admit that I am partial to endgame. In general I liked the way they got home. I even got goosebumps when voyager flew towards the assembled fleet. And the look on Admiral Paris' face. Priceless.

I would have liked some things to be different...I would have loved a longer homecoming. I didnt like how they ended it so quickly. Showing how the main characters reunite with their families, even if they would have just shown glimpses, would have been amazing.

And as a jetcer I would have loved to see them end up together. It didnt have to be like a huge love confession or something like that. I would have been satisfied with them just secretly holding hands and/or a hug with maybe a promising line from janeway maybe picking up the ancient legend...idk. Something like that.

A major facepalm moment was the whole C/7...errr....thing. I do like Seven tho, dont get me wrong but did not nor will I ever see any chemistry between them.

But since they got home I did get some closure at last.
And as for the things I thought were missing in endgame, I just pretend that the books following the finale are "real" lol
the C/7 thing did seem like it came out of nowhere. Especially considering two episodes before they were trapped on that planet and barely spoke to each other. But they were only on their second date...but then again they did speak as if they were deeply in love. But I do understand why he would go for her. Janeway made it very clear that she wouldn't be romantic with ANYONE under her command. So he did the healthy thing and moved on. Seven was the only other female he really had any interactions with, since she was a member of the senior staff. The biggest disservice to the pairing was the lack of chemistry between the actors
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