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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

I just got caught up on the last two episodes. When what's his name slammed into Linden in the storage building and started beating her, I was yelling for Holder to get there, not because I thought the guy would do serious harm to Linden but because I wanted to see him kick the guys ass. Holder gets there but really doesn't beat the guy enough. But when he held him up and Linden started kicking him, I went nuts. Great scene. That was totally unexpected. Linden, like Scully, is tiny and not real physical so when she started kicking the guy -- I loved it. BTW, when Lindn yelled "HOLDERRRRR", anyone else think, "MOLDERRRRRR"?

How will Holder recover from this? He thinks to himself, If I'de only answered, Bullet would be alive". Linden hurrying down to the garage after finding her neclace among the rings was touching. Her and Holder's relationship has really developed. Don't know what to think if they're going for a romance if the show goes on. Saw an interviw with Enos and she was a bit coy when the question was asked. If I had my way, I'de keep it deep but platonic, but I said the same thing about Peter and Olivia in Fringe and grew to like their relationship.

Wow, "Krychek" working over Seward. That was well done. Did not see it coming. They've done a good job of this season of giving the "impatient" something to hang on to while still holding back some mystery for the rest of us. I am completely in the dark as to Seward. The most likely thing is that he killed his wife, but I'm sure not 100% convinced.

Somehow I feel like I'm going to feel a bit of a letdown once we find out all the answers at the end of the season. Well maybe they'll hold a little something back that we won't miss if the show doesn't get renewed but will enjoy seeing fleshed out if they do.
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