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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I still haven't seen ASM. Basically, I was happy with the Raimi movies despite the third's let down (and it still wasn't THAT bad) and had no desire to see a rebooted Spider-Man. Raimi loved the comics and it showed in the final product. I am sure I will watch ASM on television sometime, but preferred to spend my money elsewhere.
I was really excited at the idea of an edgier and more sophisticated interpretation of Spidey... but the final product ended up feeling like just a dull and generic rehash of the first Raimi movie unfortunately.

Although I did really like Garfield and Stone, so as long as the sequel has a better story (and better villains) I think it'll make up for much of the disappointment with the first movie.
I remember thinking why not just change the actors but keep the same continuity? The Lizard had already been established as an upcoming villain in the Raimi series anyway.

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Or he'd say, "I'm going to need a bigger boat."
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