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Re: Terrible News, Abrahms might be quitting Star Wars to return to Tr

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Of course, you DON'T make a Trek movie just for the hardcore fans. That's not disrespectful. It's just common sense.
But you should at least acknowledge they exist.
No. A thousand times no. Any artistic endeavour (popular or not) should be made to satisfy the creator, not the audience. The audience is not owed anything in terms of satisfaction. Not one tiny shred. The audience has the right to express its views after having experienced the work. It has NO right to satisfaction on its terms.

IF the creators choose to "acknowledge the fans", fine. As long as it is a creative choice and not an imposition. I'd rather something that ignores "the fans" and is well-made than something that caters to every fanwank idea the filmmakers can think of but is otherwise a load of crap.
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