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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

kinda cool that we were lucky enough to get born in time to witness the only century leap year for the next 400 years, plus a change of milennium all in one go

Spot's Meow, a prof at my old University told us: you don't have to remember all the facts, but it's vital to remember where to look them up. - A really good advice.

I loathe mistakes. Particularly in books. The noble custom of proof reading appears to have been abolished during recent years. Much to my family's exhilaration I am in the habit of whoiting out all printing and translation errors and correcting them with a super-fine pen.
It has a very practical reason, though: I am a very fast reader and when there is an error I kinda stumble and it takes me a few seconds to get back to speed again. A corrected text can be read fluently and quickly next time.
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