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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

ok, something not PC - well, kindof. My mom is from a noble family but is pretty down-to-earth and practical. We have huge and quite old oriental carpets which you can not dry clean but must wash. As our house is the last one in a coul de sac we usually just put them out in the street and hose them off. It's always been a lot of fun for us kids.
When my aunt once visited us and saw a wet carpet hanging over the fence and mom drenched to the skin, she gave her a pretty heavy dressing down in a voice a la Queen Elizabeth (imagine the famous "We are not amused...")
We still quote her, after 40 years "Good heavens! We are S***ers! We don't wash our carpets in the street!"
(Nobility and its privileges had been abolished in 1918 but someone must have forgotten to tell my aunt )
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