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Re: Terrible News, Abrahms might be quitting Star Wars to return to Tr

Tom Servo wrote: View Post
And my god, can we get over the "I didn't make this movie for Star Trek fans, but for movie fans"....THANK GOD. That's what any director would have done, given the property. You have to make a movie for the general audience, not just a select fan base, especially in the case of Star Trek.
A general audience. There isn't just one, nearly all movies are made to a niche, especially big action movies, seeing how sloppy they are in anything but the action.

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
Konata Izumi, how dare you interrupt a pissing contest.
Don't worry I was just about to join it

BillJ wrote: View Post
They both make the audiences buy into incredible leaps in logic in order to enjoy the story.
Plot logic is such a tiny part of things you could notice in telling a story. I wish people would just recognize stuff, even if they didn't direct their attention to it.
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