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USS Antares - anyone have better pics?

Hello all - doing a little bit of research on some of the lesser-known DS9 kitbashes, and I think I have most of them nailed down with the exception of the USS Antares Miranda-class variant (not to be confused by the freighter class by the same name).

I've found a couple of partial photos that only show the saucer and a bit of the aft bloc, but not much detail otherwise. This is the general description, as given by its creator, Adam Buckner:
Buckner explained that it was a standard Reliant model kit (No. 8766) with an AWACS pod made from the stand of an Excelsior kit (No. 6630), and the nacelle coverings from the same kit used as torpedo launch tubes. Composited in post-production as multiple deep background elements for the scenes with the ships circling the starbase, the model did not require to be kitbashed or battle-damaged like the ships in the opening of "A Time to Stand", and therefore needed only minimal detailing.
And if Mr. Buckner happens to lurk on this board from time to time, I would love to hear about more details on the subject, specifically how the Excelsior's stand was oriented and what might have been added to it to get the "AWAX" effect he speaks of.

Here are some of the pics that have gone around on this ship, mostly focusing on either the K-7 space station or the bizarre USS Trieste model, but you can see it peeking out in the lower-left corner.

Any info appreciated. Thx much!
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