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Re: shared universe, crossovers and easter eggs

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I've never been a fan of those old '70s and '80s TV episodes where the heroes debunked a supernatural hoax but then there was a final gag that hinted "maybe it's real after all, woooo."
I've been rewatching Quantum Leap lately, and this tendency has annoyed me in a similar way. Just off the top of my head, the series managed to imply the existence of alien abductions, ghosts, guardian angels, and vampires.
Well, that's different, because despite its pseudo-sciencey premise and title, QL is a fantasy through and through. Its lead characters' journeys are implied to be the work of divine forces ("God or Fate or whatever"). It's not at all the same as a supposedly real-world, rationalist series like MacGyver hedging on the debunkings.
Just because you think of a series as "fantasy" doesn't mean it's open season to include any fantastical concept you want in it. At some point, it stops really fitting with the world you've set up, even if that world isn't "supposedly real-world."

Allowing for GFT as "an unknown force" behind some aspects of Quantum Leap doesn't automatically lead to vampires. Highlander is way, way more of a fantasy series, and I still would've found it weird if a bunch of other supernatural creatures had shown up there.
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