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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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... It brings to question why they would decommission her so soon in TUC after being launched only a few years before - just for some hull damage that could be easily repaired in drydock for a couple of months? Maybe the E-A was the first casualty in "mothballing the Starfleet", or some enterprising (pun not intended) young Admiral wanted to make his/her/its mark on Starfleet by commissioning a new Excelsior-class Enterprise-B (already on the drawing board by this time?)...
I've thought the same thing. We don't know the exact details of the Kitthomer Accords, but the (perhaps flippant) comment about 'mothballing the fleet' suggest there may be a reduction in the Federation's military capability. Now, and this is pure speculation I admit, if the Fleet had to limit the number of heavy cruisers in use, they'd have a choice. Maintain their current force of Constitutions, or gradually phase them out of service, replacing them with the new Excelsiors.

Having just developed the Excelsior, and probably built the construction facilities, it's not surprising they go with the newer ship. There's no sense in repairing the heavily damaged Enterprise-A, not when it will be decommissioned soon anyway, hence the message to decommission at the end of TUC. And it also explains why no Constituions are in service in TNG times, despite some contemporarys being so.
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