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Re: OT: I wish Pocket would do something like this

Yes, but consider the dynamic this causes: The people who get motivated to post reviews based on these rewards are most likely going to write positive reviews, because they're unlikely to have heard of the campaign if they're not fans, or unlikely to have much of an appetite for the rewards if they're not generally fans of the franchise. That means it hypothetically could have an effect on the positive-to-negative review ratio and computed average scores - with the goodwill mobilized essentially through bribes (well, "incentives"), not the quality of the original product. I think that makes the average score less useful than if the system worked free of that stimuli.

Of course, the counter-argument is that in the face of things like astroturfing happening anyway, someone who really wants to get a picture of the quality of a book has to actually dig deeper and read some reviews and purposefully expose themselves to differing viewpoints anyway.
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