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Re: How Long Until BBC America Co-Production Happens?

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You do realise that the rest of the world only gets to see the very very best of American TV ? The majority of it isn't exactly impressive. Some of it is even worse than we get in the UK...
Yes, I am well aware that we get to see the best of US tv, thank you. We also get to see some of the bad too. But the output of the HBOs, Showtimes, etc. outweigh the bad for me.
I can't argue with that.

In defence of UK TV I would point out that I think Sherlock is extraordinary and I doubt that it could have come from anywhere else !
There is some excellent British tv. Sherlock, as you say, DW, much of Ricky Gervaise's output from The Office onwards, a lot of Graham Linehan's stuff (Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd etc), Garrow's Law, The Hour, Wallander (based on Swedish novels, admittedly), Torchwood, The Fall, Appropriate Adult and many more.

I just think that having given us The Sopranos, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones (its international cast notwithstanding), 24, Lost, Prison Break, Ray Donovan, The Wire, Treme, BSG and countless others, the US wins hands down.
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