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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

It is clearly a "newer" design than the original refit. Out-of-universe cost-saving rationales aside, it has a different bridge module, newer style of engineering and warp core, totally different secondary hull innards with regard to shuttle bay and cargo hold, different turbolifts. The refit may have been an "almost" entirely new Enterprise, but the E-A is an entirely new Enterprise. It brings to question why they would decommission her so soon in TUC after being launched only a few years before - just for some hull damage that could be easily repaired in drydock for a couple of months? Maybe the E-A was the first casualty in "mothballing the Starfleet", or some enterprising (pun not intended) young Admiral wanted to make his/her/its mark on Starfleet by commissioning a new Excelsior-class Enterprise-B (already on the drawing board by this time?)

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